Wednesday, July 17, 2013

GTA 5 Beta Download by razor1911 [100% FREE]


Hello I am Razor1911 and some of you might know me from my torrent and Skyrim shares. I am just doing this for all you folks and my email was bombarded with people asking "Is there a gta 5 beta". Now, I want to tell you how I got this beta version of GTA 5. A friend of mine works with Rockstar Games in the Animation and VFX section of the company and also tests the beta of every Rockstar game before it is released. I downloaded the beta version from his laptop while he was away. 

So, make sure you download this file real quick before Rockstar takes it down. So, i have given the links in a text file so Rockstar won't sue me and put me in jail :).  

Here's what other GAMERS are saying about GTA V beta   
What a game by Rockstar, I better crank up my GPU before the final version drops - Nathan
GTA 5's better than Call of Duty, Saints Row, Battlefield and any other game you could ever imagine - Mike   
The best game ever. period. - John
GTA 5's graphics and gameplay make Crisis look like child's play. - Phil 
GTA 5 beta sets a whole new standard for the gaming industry. - Jason 
Surely the game of the year 2013 and kudos to Razor1911, dude you rock! - Indie    

If you think this is a SCAM, stop and close this site right now and you will never again get a chance to play GTA 5 beta.

A screenshot of GTA 5 beta version

gta 5 beta gameplay
Trevor Phillips at his barn

You can use only Trevor Phillips and not any other character because it is a beta version. Obviously, in the final version, you can play with any of the characters available. Here's a video of the game in action. 


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Note : download it before Rockstar Games removes the links.